A Change of Face

The Storytelling Ape

A short story about identity, written for the Western Districts Short Story Competition in 2011. Submission number five in a five-part ‘journal’ of reflections on the importance of stories for a literature course.

Review: The Long European Peace


A review of Gordon Martel’s prologue to The Month that Changed the World, on the events of July 1914. In the dark at the end of the world, a dying man meets a woman who never ages.

Bad News at Dinner

A Bloodless Coup

A short story written to a prompt within strict constraints: a set ‘seed’, a set ‘twist’ and a strict word limit. The end of a major event series in a geopolitical strategy role-playing game loosely based on Paradox Interactive’s Victoria.

GNU Terry Pratchett

Something more professional

An extended reflection on the value of Terry Pratchett’s writings and their impact on my life. Need something actually professional, a review or advertisement or some such. The ad for Nanny’s house?